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Sliders Curling Melbourne
Is Open!

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Australia's First Curling Bar Is Now Open!  
Come Experience Curling At the Docklands

The weather may be chilly but the competition will soon heat up when you step foot on the rink. Slide and glide your way to glory and make sure you go home with the ultimate bragging rights.

Cocktails, snacks, plenty of neon and tunes can also be expected! Once you've conquered the competition settle down with a boozy hot chocolate or mulled wine and watch the rest of the teams battle it out.

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- Each Lane Suitable For 6 People

- Full Venue Can Accommodate 80

Brush Up On The Rules

There will be a number of curling rinks and two teams can play on each lane. Each lane can accommodate up to 6 people. Slide stones towards targets and score the highest points for the stones resting closest to the centre. Nominate two team members as 'sweepers' to help influence where the stones go.

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